Wedding and portrait photographer based in Prosper, Texas in the North Dallas area. I love capturing each couple's personal story and re-telling it through stunning imagery and personal moments. I adore gorgeous natural light and a perfect golden hour.

I create joyful images that are dreamy, fresh and timeless. The images we create together will help you forever remember all the precious moments happening right now, years from now. 

For me, family comes first. It's my inspiration in this journey. I love getting to share with you what I see & what sometimes you can't because well, life... busy planning a wedding, driving kids to school then soccer then band, chasing your dog down the street.

I love storytelling through photography, catching moments as they happen. However, most of our session I'm giving you specific posing direction to make you look and feel your absolute best!

Molly Murphy

Dallas-fort worth, texas
wedding photographer


Wife, mom, strong willed with a gentle heart. Minnesota raised, Texas living. Loves animals, traveling, parent dances, 'safe' adrenaline thrills & white sprinkle donuts. 

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Husband, dad, three time cancer & stem cell transplant survivor. Texan through & through. One of my amazing second photographers & personal tax guy. Enjoys trail riding, wings & a good meme.

 Meet the Murphys


Queen V, daddy's girlfriend. 7 year old self admitted popsicle addict. Named from the movie "My Girl". Hugs all dogs. Current obsession: Squishmallows.  

 Meet the Murphys


Only other man of the house. Cuddles when convenient. Neighborhood ladies' (cat) man. Accomplishments: bringing 8 snakes, 2 birds & countless crickets in through the back door. 

 Meet the Murphys


The fat one. Vayda's dog. Barks at birds, airplanes & thunderstorms. Loves to eat rain. Obsessed with V from day one. Has created an unofficial spot on mom and dad's bed. 

 Meet the Murphys


The sweet, shy one. Mommy's dog. Full name: "Sadie Sue the Good Girl". Toothless wonder. Vayda's own personal pillow pet. Loves cheese slices and blankets. 

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The clumsy one. Smiles when she's in trouble. Can't catch a treat. When shaved she resembles a deer with a rat face. Loves a good pat on the head.

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The baby. The newest member. Named after Princess Peach from Mario Brothers. Moves like a squirrel. Loves to lay in my lap while editing.

 Meet the Murphys

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